Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweetest Nursery

Our little guy's furniture has finally made it to it's new home! Shawn and I made a trip to Amarillo yesterday to pick it up. Little did we know, the furniture had been in Amarillo since December!! We knew that one piece was in but they were "still waiting" on the other pieces to arrive. They were actually already there, but the owner was not notified. Oh well, this was the perfect weekend to get it all set up!

I felt so helpless as I watched Shawn unload the furniture from the Uhaul. He unloaded, lifted, and put all the furniture together all by himself! He let me know that even if I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't be much help...We sure did not remember his furniture being so big when we picked it out!
I don't know if you can see that the box weight is over 180 pounds...there were 3 that were at least that size!
"Shajwan Overton"?? Not sure how they came up with that but it was on our receipt and the boxes haha. Once Shawn got the boxes unloaded he decided that it would be easiest to take everything out of the boxes and then make a trash run. That made a huge mess!!
We finally got all the boxes loaded and thrown away. While Shawn put everything together I cleaned up the living room...Styrofoam is officially miserable to pick up! It gets everywhere! Here's Shawny putting it all together!!
The pups helped too! :)
We sat in his room this morning before church and talked all about the things we want to do with it. We also realized that this makes things extremely hard for us now!! Having baby furniture and no baby for at least 3 more months is going to be difficult! Seeing his room full of furniture really sets things in for me. I've always wanted to make sure that my little loves have the sweetest little nurseries. We love love love his room and can't wait to welcome him and bring him home to it!May...Please hurry up and get here; we would like to meet our son :)

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Nick and Natalie said...

THE baby's room looks SOOO good, you guys make a great design team!