Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lubbock Trip and House Updates!

I spent this last weekend in Lubbock with my family. I hadn't been back to Lubbock since Christmas and was in need of a weekend away from Shamrock. I had a very enjoyable time with my family, friends, getting my hair done and of course doing a little shopping. My handsome little nephew Brenden always makes my visits there more enjoyable. Just look at this smile...He is at the point where he repeats everything you say! I love hearing his sweet little voice when he says "She-own" which if you say that fast it is Shawn. He calls me DeeDa...it used to be Ding Dong. My sister and I walked into a store and the second we walked in he yelled "DING DONG" and got the attention of everyone in the store! He then proceeded to smile at everyone and dance along with the music. He has also started giving everyone "knuckles". He holds his sweet little fist out and expects everyone to bang their knuckles with his.

While I was gone my father-in-law came up to help Shawn with a few projects we still had to get done before little love gets here. When we moved into this house there was very little we had to do besides paint. There was however our third bathroom that serves as the guest bath that was just nasty. Looking at it put me in a bad mood. There were teenage boys using it before us so you can only imagine. I'm not sure why people paint certain rooms the way that they do but this was just beyond me. Take a look at the before...Ugh...look at the cabinets...They are a salmon color with tan trim. AND the lovely cowboy boots boarder. Just Lovely! The tile in the shower was pretty nasty as well. We didn't want to take the time to replace all of it, so Shawn spent 2 days scraping it all out and then re-grouting it. Huge difference...it's actually white!
We decided to keep it a very clean/neutral bathroom since it would be used as a guest and baby bathroom. We did the walls a cream color and the cabinets white.

SOOO much better. I can actually stand to be in there!! Shawn and Dwight also worked on the ceiling in our kitchen. It has this cut out where the lights are that was unfinished when we moved in. Shawny wanted to texture and paint it the same blue the rest of the kitchen is in...
It looks so much better!! Shawn's dad was a huge help to come up and do all of this while I enjoyed a relaxing weekend. I just can't believe they got all of that done in 2 days. Next on our list...the counter tops. Hopefully after that we will be done with projects and can relax until May!!

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