Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Months old and 7 weeks along

Our little man is 10 months old! 
He is so much fun and is constantly making us laugh. 
Huch is doing the following now days:
Eats like a champ! Pretty much anything we give him he will eat...with the exception of avocado.
He is now on formula and seems to like it
He can sign "more" and "milk"
He copies the sounds that we make
He says "mama" and officially "dada" FINALLY
He is all over the place! 
He gets into the things we don't want him to and avoids the things we do want him to play with.
He grinds his teeth...and it kills me. I don't know if all babies do this but I wish he wouldn't.
He is working on 8 teeth! Four up top and two on bottom. The other two are breaking skin on bottom.
He LOVES kitchen drawers and cabinets and thinks everything in them is for him.
He loves Hattie. She loves him.
He can stand up by himself without holding anything for a few seconds!
He throws little fits if I take something away from him that he wants but shouldn't have.
He still has two ear infections that refuse to go away. We are on our third round of antibiotics and have an appointment with an ENT in Amarillo this week. We are praying for no tubes and better ears!
He loves Sugarland's song "Stuck Like Glue". If it is on he will stop everything to watch the video or listen to is the evidence.

We are having so much fun with our little man and can't wait for him to be a big brother. He LOVES other babies and kids so we know he will be great :)

Now for an update on our new little love.
I think it's a girl and here is why:
Things are different this time around. 
No headaches, morning sickness (well, VERY little) and Shawn had a dream it was a girl. So OF COURSE his dream is right haha.
I just feel different this time. I can't really explain it.
We had our first sonogram and were expecting to see a little gummie bear but only saw a little "thing" with a circle...which meant we weren't as far along as we thought. At the time I should have been showing 7 weeks along but was only measuring to be 6 weeks along. Each Monday is when I move on to the next week. So today I am 7 weeks along.  So that means our due date is set for October 16th. We didn't get to hear the heartbeat but could see it going strong. Something about seeing it helps me realize that we are having another baby. Shawn and I both agreed that next to Hutch that was the best looking baby we have ever seen :) Here are some more pictures of our sweet 10 month old!