Friday, June 25, 2010

2 Months

Hutch Irvin is 2 Months old. It is so crazy how fast time flies with him here. My days go by so quickly now BUT I do feel like I am finally getting into a daily routine. This past week I was able to get the house pretty clean and felt rather accomplished :)

Here are a few new things that Hutch has been doing:
* He smiles!!! We are very BIG on stimulating him in many ways right now. We bought him a jungle play mat..thing... Well it has a mirror, singing lady bug and lots of rattles. He will be laying on back looking in the mirror and just SMILE so big!! It's basically the sweetest thing...ever.

* He has been going anywhere from 6-7.5 hours between feedings at night. So, he wakes up between 2-3 am and again between 5-6. It's rather nice. On the weekends he will go all night! As a matter of fact, last night he didn't wake up until 5:00. That sounds early but Shawn and I are crazy and get up at that time it feels like a full night of sleep for us.

* He has his happy moments and his fussy moments. We like the happy moments the best because we can get some sweet smiles out of them. But, as his mommy...I kind of like the fussy moments because I'm pretty good at calming makes me feel good. I now know why my mom likes it when I call her and need something. She always tells me that it makes her feel needed again.

* Oh bath time. What a fun time in the Overton household. Hutch LOVES his bath time. He can be the world's fussiest baby but when you put him in his bath he turns into the world's happiest baby. Those sweet little legs just kick and splash! He will grab his cup with the strongest little baby grip and kick kick kick. I'll try to post a video soon...if I can figure out how.

* Shawn has a daddy carrier and he loves it. (He being Hutch...but Shawn does too) Shawn keeps in handy at all times. When he gets home he will strap Hutch in and take a few strolls around the backyard. We went on our first walk around the neighborhood last night and it was a great way to get Hutch to sleep.

*Last one...Hutch officially fits into his original going home outfit. Shawn and I bought the sweetest Gap overalls that swallowed him at birth but fit him wonderfully now.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Future writer??

MMM K. Shawn and I have been in the habit of writing little notes to each other and leaving them somewhere in the house for each other to find for quite a while now. I'll wake up during a midnight feeding and write Shawn's note and leave it in the cabinet with the bowls or glasses or somewhere fun for him to find it. Shawn is pretty creative with where he leaves mine...I often have to jump to get them off of the ceiling... :) Anyways...I woke up the other morning to fix Hutch a bottle and found this little poem sitting with his milk in the refrigerator...

"I love mommy
Yes I do
I love Mommy
How bout you?!
She's da sweetest
dat's da truth
She loves me from my toe to my tooth.
She's so pretty
Hair like silk
Pretty all over

Hutch Irvin Overton

I had no clue our six week old son already knew how to write! I have a few things to teach him...but it was a sweet poem none the less hehe. I knew that this could be a possibility for him considering that Shawn had a poem published and I was on the UIL writing team at Idalou in elementary. :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Years!!

Three years ago today I married this man...
We went to Jamaica the next day...
We came home to this house in Lubbock
Shortly after being married we moved here in Russellville, Arkansas
Shortly after this we moved Lubbock...Again...
We went a little crazy and purchased this little "muddy" Bull...

But shortly after moving back to Lubbock and buying our bull we found out we were having our first son and were moving to this house in Shamrock, TX...
Things finally started to slow down when this little chubby-cheeked boy blessed our lives...

So after 4 moves, a new puppy, a baby and many more things in between we are living a beautiful life together. I have loved every minute of our three years. Shawny, thank you for making me a mommy and being such a wonderful husband and dad. I love you so very much and I am looking forward to this next year together!