Thursday, February 4, 2010

Living With Pregnant

Good evening ladies and gents. I figured that since Jamie and I are "kind of" isolated up here in Shammy-Town, some of you may be wondering what it is like to live with Jamie while she is pregnant. I will say that Jamie really hasn't had any dramatic changes and is still pleasant to be around just like before. However, I have noticed a few subtle changes and thought I might share them with you.

(1) She gets winded tying her shoes.

(2) There are many nights that she does not sleep good and let's me know by grunts of frustration and occasional kicks in the back throughout the night.
(3) Going on a 1 mile walk can sometimes be like trying to get her to run a marathon.
(4) She gets winded getting settled into bed.

(5) The foundation of our house shakes when she switches the side she is sleeping on.... :)

(6) Nice diaper bags are really "for the baby" and "not the Mommy".

(7) I have bought more twix in the last week than in 24 years previously.
(8) Pizza almost brings tears to her eyes...(this one really isn't much of a change) (9) I commonly get asked the same question more than once in a short time span.
(10) Sometimes I say things that "make her wanna cry"...most of the time in a good way.

All in all I consider myself very blessed by how she has acted while pregnant, especially after hearing other people's horror stories. Here's to hoping that her stable demeanor holds for the rest of the pregnancy!

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The Roberson's said...

Well, Shawn I am extremely excited to know that she is being pleasant, but I would like to know from Jamie's perspective how you are during the pregnancy.