Thursday, May 27, 2010

One Month!

This sweet/handsome/charming/spitting image of his daddy little boy is ONE MONTH OLD TODAY!

I could kiss this nose, those lips, those cheeks, and those hands all day long.

I am still in denial that he is ours...

Do those baby blues melt your heart like they do mine?

We truly cannot believe that we have had Hutch for a month now. My mom, Hutch and I went to meet Shawn for lunch today and looked at the clock right at 12:30 pm only to realize that one month ago at that time I was pushing with all my might to bring this little man into the world.

I cringe when I think of the pain that I was in exactly one month ago, but smile at what all that pain brought us.

MMM...why us? I'm not sure why God chose us to be the parents of this seemingly perfect little boy, but I am so very glad that he did :)

Hutch, happy "one month old day". I think you enjoyed your day just as much as mommy and daddy did. You ate lunch with daddy, mommy and Meme. You fit into some really cool tennis shoes. You ate...a lot. You got some sweet lovin' from Meme and Mommy throughout the day. You got to ride around in your carrier and walk outside with daddy when he got home. AND you are now relaxing in the living room watching Dirty Jobs with your his arms. I'd say that was a pretty good day.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Weeks Old

Hutch is two weeks old today! How?
I was looking back at the pictures from the hospital and it seems so long ago but then again it seems just like yesterday. It's hard to believe that we went through all of that. I can hardly remember some of the things that happened when I look at the pictures. Let me fill you in on what Hutch is up to at two weeks:
1. We tried breast feeding and he was making such wonderful progress and then he showed absolutely NO interest in it. So, I pump and he takes my milk through a bottle. As much as I would like for him to breast feed I'm still happy he is getting my milk with a bottle.
2. We lay him down when we go to bed (around 9-10) and he wakes up every 2-4 hours now. He was waking up more in the beginning but the last few nights it has gotten close to 4 hours. We have an Itzbeen timer...genius invention...set for every three hours to go off and let us know it's time for him to eat. But when it goes off he is sound asleep so we just let him sleep and wake us up when he is ready. Which is normally about 30 minutes after the alarm goes off.
3. He is a fairly quiet baby. When he is hungry or wet he will let out one good cry and then just whimper until we either feed him or change him.
4. He is eating about 3 oz every feeding now. I think this helps at night time!
5. He is a dreamer!! He is constantly making us laugh at his little noises when he sleeps. It is oddly similar to the sounds that Shawn makes when he dreams :)
6. He smiles a lot...not at us obviously...but they are sweet smiles none the less.
7. He is a tooty booty. Sweet thing is gassy but not burpy. It doesn't seem to upset him either...he just lets them rip!
8. He is very alert! It amazes us how he focuses in on us when we talk to him. His sweet little eyes just stare at us and will follow us a little when we move out of his sight.
9. His dark brown hair is not so much anymore. I feel like it gets lighter by the day.
10. He loves any sort of tummy time...on his boppy or on mommy/daddy's chest.
11. OH...he loves bath time! He just lays there without a care in the world.

We had my two week check up appointment yesterday and everything looks to be healing up just the way it should be. Dr. Evering-Sims is simply wonderful and loves our sweet boy.

I feel like I need to mention how wonderful Shawn has been the past two weeks. I don't feel like I gave him much credit when I blogged last. He was the best support team during our delivery and amazed me at how calm he was! He has been a huge help at night too. He had two whole weeks off after Hutch was born. Although he was a little out of it during some of the midnight feedings (don't worry babe...I won't tell your silly stories on here) he was a huge help.

Last night was my first night to do it all on my own. I wanted to make sure that Shawn got plenty of rest for his first day back to work. I have to say that it wasn't all that bad either. Hutch of right now... a very easy baby to take care of.

He makes my heart sing :)...we danced and sang together this morning while his bottle was warming...I think he liked it :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Introducing: Hutch Irvin Overton

April 29, 2010
6 lbs 7.5 oz
20.5 in

I can't believe he is here! Shawn and I have been dreaming about our little Hutch for quite some time now...before we were even married to be exact! We always new we wanted to name our first son Hutch (Shawn came up with the name so I can't take any credit for it). Anyways, I can't wait to share his story with you so pop some popcorn, kick your feet up and's going to be a long one :)

If you have been keeping up with our posts then you know that I had been having contractions for quite a while. Our doctor was pretty convinced that he would be here before May but I had my doubts about that. After all...she did estimate his weight to be over 8 pounds...and well he clearly isn't that big. All we wanted was for him to make it to 37 weeks. Well at 37 weeks and 1 all began. You might also recall that I mentioned I wanted an all natural labor. I was about to realize what all that came with...

We went in for my regular exam (the second for that week since I was beginning to dilate). That Monday I was at 2 cm by Wednesday I had moved to about 3.5 cm. I jokingly told the doctor that I refused to go home without a baby. So, she told us to take a walk over to the hospital to have that baby.

We knew that things were progressing before we were admitted because I experienced a few things that the doctor told me to watch for. Since I wasn't in any pain Shawn and I went for a few 1 mile walks each day to help things along :) I'm not sure if we were supposed to...but we did and it worked.

So, we check into the hospital at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, April 28th. The nurse was getting ready to start an IV and I told her that I wanted to go without an IV as long as possible since the last time I had one was so horrible and we might be going home. She said "Honey, I'm pretty sure you aren't going home anytime soon." We kept on asking the nurses if they really thought I was going to have him that soon. It was so hard for us to wrap our brains around the idea since I had been progressing over a couple of weeks and wasn't in any pain.

I truly thought that from 1 cm on I would be in pain...not the case. My contractions finally started to get some pain behind them that night. We had the freedom to walk around the entire hospital for an hour at a time which was wonderful. We were the only ones in labor and delivery so we got the special treatment.

The next morning at about 7:00 I was check and was about 4.5 to 5 cm...still no pain. The doctor came in to break my water and jump start the labor. One of our nurses estimated that he would be in our arms around 3:00 that afternoon. That's what I set my mind to...all I had to do was make it to 3:00 and I would get to meet our son.

From 7:00 on I was in pain. The contractions weren't that bad in the beginning but I'd say around 9:00-10:00 is when they started to get pretty bad. Laying down was awful so the rocking chair became my new best friend...along with Popsicles. I pretty much sat in the rocking chair all morning until I was checked again around 12:00. At that time I had to lay on the bed which was seriously the worst thing ever.

I am so very thankful that Shawn, my mom and my sister were in the room with me throughout the progress of my labor. I had someone to hold my hand and two people to constantly rub my back. If one of them stopped...I was not to happy about it. At that time I knew that I had to have progressed because the pain was getting to be unbearable.

The nurse checked me and I was at 8 cm! Whoo...I made it this far...I can make it the rest. Easier said than done. The doctor came in and my sister and mom left the room so it was just me and Shawn. I knew that there was no turning back. I was going to have our son within the next hour.

By this point all I wanted to do was push and it took every bit of energy not to. But let me just say that it is VERY difficult to not push when that is what your body is telling you to do. It only took about 10-15 minutes for me to fully dilate and start pushing. By 12:20 I was pushing and 12:40 our son was laying in my arms.

At the time all I was thinking was..."WHAT WAS I THINKING DOING THIS NATURALLY". I told Shawn that I would never again put myself through that kind of pain. It was such a whirlwind of emotions.

When I had decided to do a natural delivery I knew that I had to prepare myself because it wasn't going to be easy. I prepared myself for the absolute worst. I had read and been told that it helped to have a word or phrase that could help you get through the pain...mine was "temporary". I knew that if I told myself constantly that this was only a temporary pain that I could do it.

Shawn and I prayed throughout the labor for God to be my strength. And that He was. I remember thinking during the worst part of my labor...during the pushing part...when the contractions were right on top of each other, that the period in between the contractions was such a wonderful feeling. It was almost as if God said "Ok, you take this contraction and I'll give you rest for the in between." I can't tell you how good those 30 seconds between contractions felt. It was as if I wasn't in any pain at all. It was beautiful.

I give God all of the glory and praise for our delivery. I asked for a natural delivery and that is what He gave us. As I mentioned earlier, at the time I never wanted to do that was truly horrible. But now that it has been a week and I can look at my son and back at that experience...I can see myself doing it again for future babies.

My word was temporary after all. 5 hours of true pain in labor compared to a lifetime of happiness with our son...I'd do it again. Our love for him amazingly enough grows with each moment. I look at him and see his daddy and fall more and more in love with him. I see Shawn hold him and talk to him and fall more in love with him. I hear his sweet soft cry and fall more in love with him. I look at those big beautiful blue eyes and get lost in them. *Gosh...hear come the tears* How did I go 24 years without this amazing little boy in my life? How did Shawn and I make it 3 years of marriage without him?

I can't wait to see what the future holds for our family.

Hutch, you are almost 1 week old!! Mommy and daddy love you so very much...even when you wake us up in the middle of the night. You bring new light into our lives. We hope you know how loved you are.

Stay tuned for more pictures.