Friday, October 22, 2010

Scooter McTooter

Our little man will be crawling before we know it! He has really figured out how to get on his hands and knees but not quite sure where to go from there. He's gotten better at it since I took this video a few days ago. He is great at scooting backwards and can get around the room by barrel rolling. Enjoy :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quilt Progress

It's been a few weeks since I have updated you on my quilt...probably because it's been a few weeks since I have worked on it. We have been so busy that I haven't had time to do it...but I finally got caught up this weekend! It's almost done!! I was a little scared that my fabrics might be competing with one another...and I'm kind of right. BUT it's all coming together and looks pretty good. I just wish I had a solid or smaller print fabric in there somewhere so that the pattern of the quilt comes out more. I had to get Shawny to "model" it so you could see the actual size. Here is what it looked like before I pieced it all together. I was so excited to get all my blocks done that I had to lay it out on the floor. I have one more border to put on...which I plan on doing tonight. I'll be sure to post those soon. I think we only have 2 more classes to go!

 And of is my handsome man (my little handsome man)

5 1/2 Months and Fredericksburg

It's been way too long since I have talked about my sweet little man who is 5 1/2 months now! He is so much fun and doing new things everyday. It's safe to say that he is somewhat mobile now...
He starts out on his play mat and then scoots or rolls all over the living room. He is now able to get up on his hands and then makes moving motions with his little legs. He is also close to getting on his knees...crawling is in the near future. He takes 2-3 naps during the day...when he is at home and in his routine. We went to Fredericksburg and that completely threw him off of his schedule and it took a while to get him back in routine.  Have I mentioned that we are so in love with him and have so much fun with him??  He got a little spoiled on our vacation with family and thought he needed to be held 24/7 once we got back home. I'm so happy to say that he is OUT of that frame of mind! WHEW. Here are a few pictures of our little man at 22 and 23 weeks. As his daddy says..."Enjoy the handsomeness"

How sweet is this??

Here are a few pictures from our trip in Fredericksburg!

We had a blast in Fredericksburg with Shawn's family. It is officially one of mine and Shawn's favorite places to visit.