Friday, February 5, 2010

Little Love Update

Today was a LONG day.

Yesterday we were supposed to have an appointment with our doctor but it got canceled due to the weather. I was pretty bummed and my day was not so productive! BUT to my surprise and joy, the dr. office called this morning to see if we wanted to come in this afternoon! I immediately jumped up and got ready. Shawn, luckily, had the day off so we were ready to go! It was very convenient too b/c we desperately needed to go to the grocery store.

Our dr. office doesn't have an in the office sonographer (is that the right word?)...she flies in every two weeks from Houston to do all of the sonograms. I was glad that she was in so we didn't have to wait another few weeks or month to see our little love. I was also excited to see how much he had grown. At all of our sonograms he still had swimming room...not this time! He is officially taking up all the space he can.

He was in a breech position and in a not so comfortable position at that. She said that he looked to be very healthy and cleared his heart, brain and sweet face. He didn't want to cooperate for her to get all the appropriate measurements to clear his spine but she felt very confident that there are no issues. I'm hoping he does not get comfortable in that breech position..TURN LITTLE GUY. She said that he weighed in at about 1 pound 12 ounces! CRAZY. I can definitely tell that there is a growing baby in there. He is SO active and my belly is starting to feel heavy. We also saw some sweet forming chubby cheeks.

**Let me go ahead and clarify a few things from my SWEET husband's previous blog. He has made it out to sound like all I eat is pizza and twix. I have had 2..I reapeat TWO packages of Twix since being pregnant!! They were just back to back so he felt like I had them ALL the time. I also have not eaten that much pizza haha. I loved pizza prior to being pregnant so this should not be anything new to him. AND the last time we got was his idea! But I guess all the pizza and twix are making me SO large that I "shake the foundation when I walk". Friends...we live in a pier and beam house...a spider could shake the foundation. I rest my case. Until next time...

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