Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Here we go again...

This update is long over due! Things have been crazy around here lately and I haven't had time to even think about internet stuff. I don't even think I have mentioned on here that my sweet husband got promoted and of course that means we are moving! 
Those of you who know us might recall that when we found out we were pregnant with Hutch we also found out that Shawn got promoted...which led us to Shamrock. A lot has happened since this last move. Not only are we parents to an amazing little boy but we are going about things with this move much differently. 
When we moved to Shamrock we searched and searched and searched a little more for houses. We found one in Mclean, TX...UGH...put an offer on it and luckily everything fell through. We realized soon after that we were trying to rush things and do things on our time and schedule. Little did we know that God had the perfect house on Wall St. prepared for us. After we moved in, relaxed a little bit, had our little Hutch and continued to let God do His work we learned to love little Shamrock.
Many offices soon became available for Shawn to apply we did. They were all over the place (Levelland, Bandera, Gainesville, Brownfield and a few others). At first we thought..."How do we know that this is where God wants us?" We came to the conclusion that if we got the location then that is where we were supposed to be. After many applications and months later we applied for Seminole and got it instantly. Not only were we thrilled because we know that God has a great plan for our lives there but it's so close to home!!
Last week we went to Lubbock and spent a few days in Seminole looking for houses. This time around we didn't rush nor did we jump on the first house we saw.  One thing we learned about Seminole is that the people there really do care about their town. All of the houses we looked at were in wonderful condition and had very little to be done. We found a house that we be honest the inside is precious but the yard is what sold us. It's about the same size as our yard here in Shamrock and it's a blank slate. Shawn is a big yard person and is so excited to get going on it. Everything on the inside is new and updated all we really have to do is new carpet in the bedrooms and paint! Whew.
After a few back and forth negotiations we finally settled on a price with the sellers and are under contract! We had the home inspections done yesterday and were told that for a house in that age range it is one of the best kept houses that the inspector has seen in a long time. That made us feel great and just confirmed that this is the house that God has been preparing for us. 
We have loved this moving experience much more than the last. Our realtor is a wonderful Christian woman and has been nothing but helpful. She's also a member of the Methodist church in least we will know one person when we go. We've also been praying about our church home there in Seminole. Our little Methodist church here has been nothing but amazing. The day we signed the contract our realtor asked us if we would like to join their church's summer softball team!! We were thrilled. We aren't even members yet and they are already welcoming us with open arms.
 Again...God has a great plan for this move. 
Stay tuned for pictures of our new house, Hutch updates and sweet little baby updates!