Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Bathroom Product Available

Good evening everyone. Well, my sweet wife is having a girls weekend back in Lubbock, so I am left here in Shamrock all by my lonesome. Since I have some time to kill, I thought I would share with yall a great new bathroom product that is now available. I must admit that I did not know that this product existed for my first 20 years of life. However, soon after June 2nd, eyes were opened. Here is the wonderful product. I like to call it the "Multi-Purpose TP Holder"... please soak it all in!

As you can see, this is no "ordinary" TP holder. First off, it gives you the option of getting your TP from a horizontal role as well as a vertical role. Who doesn't love that? Also, you can either choose to get your TP from a full role on top or use one of those last few cherished sheets on the bottom role. It should be noted that sometimes the lower role may contain as little as ONE SQUARE of TP, however, I am sure that it serves its purpose. Well, I hope you are now enlightened to the engineering advances that have been made in the bathroom "TP Holder" industry. I still am not sure exactly where you get these, but I am sure Jamie does. She has successfully installed one of these in every house we have lived in together! Any further inquiries to the "Multi-Purpose TP Holder" should be directed to Jamie. Good night!


Nick and Natalie said...

Oh Shawn. You have always kept me laughing and still do! :) in her defense, I am sure you have your inventions too!!! Have a good night, and keep giving that sweet wife a hard time, us wives we secretly like it!

The Overton's said...

Shawn Hegi!! You just's on! Thanks for sticking up for me Natalie!!