Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Little Bull

Good evening blog followers. I am reporting to you tonight engulfed with a sense of sorrow. The reason being is that our youngest (4-legged) baby is spending the night at the vets because she was spayed earlier today. I must say that it is pretty sad sitting here right now not hearing not hearing a "roaring" snore coming from a sweet and wrinkled dog. Not only is this hard on me because my sweet dog is being operated on, but I have also been getting some grief from my "better half". See, she is under the impression that I am fully to blame for Lola having to get spayed because "I called in the appointment". I will admit that it was very cute hearing Jamie give Lola a talk explaining what was going to happen. She kept wanting me to give the talk, but I thought Lola would rather hear it from a fellow female. So Jamie went ahead and explained what was going to happen and also threw in that we were going to check with the vet to see if she could get a "breast reduction" on her.... (her "doggy-boobies" are still a little swollen from her first heat cycle)......I truthfully think that Jamie is just a little jealous, but Lola seemed to understand. Anyways, we are going to just have to tough it out tonight, but we will get to see her tomorrow morning. For those of you not familiar with Lola, let me update you. I was peacefully working one day in Plainview when I got an e-mail from my wife. She was told by her Mother (Pegs) that there was a sign for AKC registered English Bulldogs for sale in Lubbock. Me and Jamie have always loved English Bulldogs and knew we eventually wanted one. That same day, I was sent about 20 different e-mails with different pictures of breeders websites with arrows pointing to the one that we "needed". Needless to say, Jamie had already talked to the breeder in Lubbock, and we went to see the litter the next day. The following day we took out a redicuous sum of money and reserved our little Lola. She was so grateful that we chose her that she pooped on my shirt during the drive home...lucky me!! In the end, Lola has been a blessing to our family. After being bit a few times by our sometimes evil Hattie, she now is best friends with both the other dogs. She is the only one who has full time furniture privileges and is a great 45 pound lap dog. Please enjoy the following pictures of our "Poco Torro!"

Lola saying hello to Wesley on the first day we had her. Notice I just have my under shirt on.

Lola often gets too tired to go outside to potty before bed. Therefore, Jamie "makes" me carry her outside like this. I just hate doing it.

This is the "cuddle-bug" aspect of Lola. I will admit that most of the time she snuggles with Jamie, but she was giving me some lovin' this night. This is also where the roaring snoring comes in to play.

In conclusion, I would like to let you know that Lola is a very spiritual dog. While she can't quite recite bible verses, she has taught me a lot about meditation. This final picture is just me and Lola practicing our intense yoga/meditation/chi-focusing routines. We do this every Mondays-Wednesdays-Fridays. Lessons are available upon request. Good night!

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Nick and Natalie said...

ok my goodness that is a cute puppy!!! well and big dog! ;o)