Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well we made it through November! We were in Lubbock literally 4 or 5 times. That's a lot when you have a 7 month old and 3 dogs and a 3.5 hour drive.  I'm happy to have a break for a bit. We had a great time with family while we were home though. Hutchy boy got to see lots of family and friends and got a little spoiled I might add. He DID NOT sleep good at all while we were there so when Sunday rolled around and we were back home he slept for hours! AND still went to bed at his normal time! He had lots of catching up to do; so did we...I'm still wanting to catch up!

Hutch loves other kids or babies...his cousin Brenden is one of his favorites :) Brenden brought EVERY. SINGLE. TOY. to Hutch at my parent's house one afternoon. He was so sweet to show him how to play with them too. Here are some sweet pictures I got of the boys...there aren't many. Brenden refuses to look at the camera and if he did Hutch didn't want to look....I tried though.

Brenden LOVES to hold Hutch. He says, "Momma, I hold Hutch Me." He ends everything with "me".

 Brenden just had to say hi to the neighbors!

Brenden is seriously the sweetest little boy...besides Hutch :) He saw my mom, sister and me playing with dominos so he decided that he wanted to play with the "don-does".  He is also obsessed with Shawn. I walked into my sisters house and he looked right past me and said "Where's Shawn??" "Deedus, Where's Hutch?" Well, who cares about me!!!! It breaks my heart but I know he does love me :)...when Shawn isn't around.

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