Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Pictures

More pictures! As you can tell from the pictures Hutch got to meet santa.  Our church had wonderful event to raise money for missions. Santa was invited obviously. Hutch was so tired with his first meeting with him he just sat there. So we let him sleep for a little while and tried again after he woke up. Much better! Hutch talked and talked to him...he has a pretty long Christmas list ;) We got video of it too...I'll get that posted soon. How big is he getting?! Seriously?

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Liz :) said...

So my three favorite pictures have to be the one on the bottom where you can see his teeth, the one where he is looking at his tree, and the one where it looks like he is reaching up to Santa's nose :)
Jamie, you are a wondrous photographer! I love them all!