Sunday, September 26, 2010


I'm so very excited to say that I have started quilting lessons with two sweet friends here in Shamrock! I've always loved quilts...especially the ones my grandmother AND great-great-grandmother made (the one from my great-great grandmother is for looks only...I will not allow anyone to use it). Of course, they did all of theirs' by hand...I'll stick with my machine. Here's the friends, Lee Ann and Michelle, found a beginners quilting class in Amarillo on Mondays that they wanted us to go to. Well, I just so happen to have an amazing little four/almost FIVE month old baby boy that is not allowed in the quilting that excluded me from getting to go. My friends, on the other hand, have been so sweet to teach me all that they are learning in the class! We started this past Saturday and I am officially hooked. It took me all day to cut my fabric and sew one 9 patch square...and here it is:

Isn't the fabric fun? These are only 2 of my 5 fabric choices. I worked on it again today and am close to getting all of my 9 patch squares made.  Lee Ann, Michelle and I are planning on getting together once a week to is wonderful girl time. Lee Ann has an AMAZING sewing room where all three of us can sit and sew comfortably (it's a crafty girl's dream room).

As I was working today I looked over to see this sweet adorable is he. Oh he makes my heart happy :)

Check back each week...I plan on blogging my progress with the quilt! I can't wait to see the finished product.

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Anonymous said...

Our evil plan has worked...we lured you in and got you hooked! Hehehe!! Welcome to the dark side - we have cookies!

Michelle Moore