Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy 25th Birthday Jamie Dianne Overton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***Warning: the following statement may be slightly biased…although completely true!***
I would like to say Happy Birthday to the love of my life, the world’s greatest wife, and the best Mother there’s ever been!  She blesses me more than I deserve, provides me with strength, encouragement, and gives me something to look forward to come home to every day.  She’s a Godly woman who is gentle, kind-hearted, loving, and selfless.  She can cook like a pro, sew anything "other than a dress", and sing like her idol-Cher (although I think she sounds way better).  She takes wonderful care of her 200+ pound baby and her 2-toothed baby!  She’s the world’s greatest photographer and a beauty queen on the inside and out!  This world became a much better place when, 25 years ago today, God decided to bring my Jamie into the world!  Happy birthday babe, I love you…thanks for all you do!
P.S-I edited that picture all by myself!

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Anonymous said...

Great post! I agree, she's pretty great!

PS-nice picture!

Michelle Moore