Friday, September 10, 2010

19 Weeks

Isn't this precious? I mean really? Look at those sweet/fat cheeks. If I were a little closer and his mouth were open could see one sweet little tooth that is coming in! This really caught us off guard. For about a month Hutch has been putting his hands in his mouth and fussing but I didn't really think it was teething...I was wrong. A few days ago I put my finger in his mouth to feel and sure enough there was a little tooth coming in on the bottom. I looked and can see two trying to poke through. As usual...Shawn and I take weekly pictures of our little man. If you are wondering why it's because I'm planing on putting together an album of Hutch's first year. We thought it would be fun to do a book of weekly pictures.  Plus...I like photography and he is my little model each week. Here are a few of him at 19 weeks! As Shawn says in our weekly email to family..."enjoy the handsomeness" :)

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Anonymous said...

Jamie, your pictures are so CUTE!! I enjoy your blog so much, and love Hutch's pics. What an adorable model!

Michelle Moore