Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lola and The Bullfrog

You're going to love this! All summer long Lola has had a new best friend. There are times at night when she refuses to come inside so Shawn has to go out there and drag her in. Each time he has to get her he finds that she is playing with something...a bullfrog :) She just LOVES this frog and finds him/her everyday. We went out of town and forgot to tell the dog sitter about this new friend of hers. When we got home we had a note from Becky that said this:
"Shawn and Jamie, They did really well. Except on Thursday night, Lola was chasing a frog in the yard and didn't want to come in. It was cute- the frog would hop, then she would hop!"

Shawn and I cracked up when we read this. Our sweet little bulldog can befriend anything!

I was lucky enough to get video of her playing with her frog this morning! I have a night time video but it's really hard to see so I was happy to get this one! Enjoy it...and forgive my conversation I carry on with myself...I was so worried that she would hurt the frog. She didn't...I went and got it and put it under our shed. Oh, and the video is long...sorry but it was too cute I didn't want to stop.

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