Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Mr. Overton

Hello everyone. I have been informed by my sweet little wife that I need to become an active part of this blog. So, here is my first attempt at "blogging". So, for those of you who don't know, we now are living in the thriving metropolis of Shamrock, Texas. That is, of course, THE Shamrock, TX with the tallest water tower in the state....I know....try not to be jealous. I am working for the NRCS which I know everyone knows stands for Natural Resources Conservation Service. Basically, we are the people who try to keep the dust bowl from happening again. If it's hard for you to remember what I do, just tell people that I am a government agent.

So, to get you caught up I'd have to say that the past few years have been pretty hectic. We went from living in Arkansas where I worked at a job that I hated to living in Lubbock, finding out we were expecting our first child, then moved to Shamrock all within roughly a 2 year span. The good thing is that I love my job and that God has been great to us throughout this entire process. Although Shamrock doesn't have everything you could ask for in a town, it has very good people and has given Jamie and I a lot of time to grow closer to each other.

Of course the biggest blessing in our lives is our son who is due to enter this world in May. Just so everyone knows, yes we do know the name and no, we're not telling anyone until he's born. It has been such a blessing to see my wife's belly start to plump up, see him on sonograms, and not to mention feel him kick (which I'm up to about 8 times now). I can honestly say that knowing I am going to become a Father has been one the greatest and most spiritual experiences in my life. Knowing that I am soon going to have a Son to take care of has made me realize just how much God has taken care of me and how much I need Him in my life and in my family's. We have had great support from everyone throughout this pregnancy and can't wait for ya'll to share in our experience. As you can see in our pictures, we have everything in the nursery ready, just waiting for the furniture to come in (which Jamie reminds me to check on everyday).

Well, sorry this was kind of long, future "blogs" will be shorter. Hope everyone has a great day! God Bless America and "Wreck 'Em Tech!!"

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