Friday, January 8, 2010

How many times do I have to tell him??

I'm not sure if this is true for all husbands but mine just isn't the best at washing things with a fairly simple washing machine. Now, let me start by saying that I am very happy that he tries to help out. Allow me to share the most recent story with you:

It all started yesterday with 6 degree weather, wind and a doctors appointment that I had to go to by myself. That alone put me in a bad mood. Of course I was excited to have a check up and make sure that Little Man is doing good but I hate going alone. There really wasn't any reason for Shawn to go so he stayed at work. Let me go ahead and say that it takes 45 mins- 1 hour just for me to get to Pampa where our doctor is. By the time I get there I am literally running on fumes and praying that I make it to the office. I make it only to wait for an hour just to see her. After I heard our guy's heartbeat I was in a much better mood and was ready for the next shopping. UGH.

Since there isn't a decent store in Shamrock we like to stock up when we go into Pampa or Amarillo...again I hate going by myself! After about an hour of shopping and a cart full of goodies I check out and finally get to head home. Let me remind you that I had to leave the house at 9:45 to get to my appointment and I don't make it home until after 3!!!

I walk in the door and am immediately knocked down by a horrid smell..."What has Wesley done???" I knew instantly that it was Wesley b/c he has had a tummy bug for a few days now. I walk back to the room where the crates are and there is Wes...and his dirty crate. Now, keep in mind that I am 21 weeks pregnant and smells DO NOT agree with me sometimes. It was so bad that I put the dogs out and shut off the room with the crates until Shawn came home to clean it. If I tried to clean it there would have been an even bigger mess!!

So, that leads me to the washing machine. Shawn threw all the "soiled" blankets in the washer and soaked and bleached them to make sure they got clean. I have told him REPEATEDLY to make sure he puts the blankets in there evenly or the washer will get off balance. AND EVERY TIME HE DOES IT...IT GETS OFF BALANCE AND SAYS "Gosh, I should really try to fix that..."

So, what do I get woken up to this morning??? " THU-DUT BANG POW BOOOOOOM"...He didn't balance it last night so why not try it at 6 in the morning when his pregnant wife is trying to recover from a sleepless night????????

If you know anything about know that I HATE being woken up! So I try to "nicely" yell out to him to forget about it and let me do it later. Well, later came I balanced the washer and what do you was a smooth finish. I took Shawn lunch and we laughed out loud about the whole thing for quite sometime!! Hopefully next time...he will think long and hard before just throwing the blankets in there :)

Shawn, thank you very much for your help. I hope you know how much I appreciate it and I love you so very much. :)

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