Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Boy Update

Well, the last few weekends we have been working on our little man's room and have finally finished it. That is until we get all of his furniture in and bedding! I was planning on making his bedding myself, but soon realized that I was nowhere near experienced enough to make all of that bedding. So, as we were buying our furniture at Kids Space I saw a lady there designing her own bedding and thought it was a good idea. Shawn let me have complete say in the bedding...as long as there was green in it! **This is a huge step in our relationship...take a look at our bedroom below...not much going on!** He didn't care if there were funky designs or colors!! WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO WITH ALL THAT FREEDOM???

Well I did what any new expecting mommy would do...I had lots of fun and picked out some way cute fabrics for his bedding. Since I didn't make the bedding I decided that I needed to make something...so I chose curtains. I figured it couldn't be that difficult right? Shawn and I took a trip into Amarillo to look for fabric and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it there on the rack at Joanns...IT WAS THE SAME FABRIC AS HIS BEDDING!! I was so excited *in the words of my dear friend Ashley..."I wanted to take a victory lap around the whole store"* How cute is that?! Now, don't worry...only the outside of his bumper pads and his blanket are in this fabric..so it's not going to look like Paisley overload in his room.

We had a blank canvas to work with so we started off with the chair rail. Shawn was set on doing a texture on the wall so I let him get after it. I just about flipped when I saw all the pink, but Shawn assured me that it would dry white. It did.
After we finished all of the texture and trim we started painting! We picked out a lot of colors but settled on a "Spring Moss" for the main color and a cream for the top part of the wall. We think it turned out pretty good! I finished up the curtains today and have them somewhat up. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well they turned out!Our little guy is doing great! He is very active...kicks constantly. The nurse had a hard time finding his heartbeat at our last appointment because he was moving around so much. We get to see him again on Feb. 4th! Those are my favorite appointments. I cannot believe that we are in the 6th month already. I can't wait to see his sweet face, hold him, sing to him, and to see him in his daddy's arms. What a lucky boy he is to have Shawn as his daddy.

**I don't know why that one picture won't show all the way..use your imagination.

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Nick and Natalie said...

I is looking fabulous! Tell Shawn he did awesome on the texture! So glad I found your blog!