Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And we're back!

Alright, so I think I have said this at the beginning of each post has been a while since my last! :) My brother-in-law, Eric, gives me a hard time about that just about everytime I see him. Well a lot has changed since my last post and I'm pretty sure I couldn't catch you guys up in just one post but I'll list of the major things that happened:

1. I started my job at Tech
2. Shawn started his job in Plainview and loved it!
3. We thought long and hard about getting a new puppy and finally decided on our sweet Lola, an English bulldog.
4. We found out we are expecting our first child!!!!!!
5. Shawn found out he was getting transferred to Shamrock, TX.
6. I quit my job at Tech.
7. We moved to Shamrock.
8. Shawn still loves his job and I am learning how to be a stay at home wife/soon to be mom.
So in our almost 3 years of marriage we have moved a total of 6 times. Luckily that is about to slow down! I am in no way complaining either; we have grown so much throughout those 6 moves.

So my dear friend Lindsey has been dying for pictures of our new place here in Sham Town. So you go! We have a lot of pictures from when we first moved in but have finally finished putting everything where we want it. I only have a few recent pictures but I promise you, Lindsey, I will get them all up here soon!

Here is our living room with its new coat of a wonderful blue paint that we love. Our goal with this house was to stay away from the tans, greens, and browns that we have done in every other house! And, here is the kitchen. I'll have new pictures of this room soon too..our new countertops have been ordered!Here is our bedroom.
And finally...for now. Here is the guest room.

I'll finish touching up the rest of the house this week and take new pictures of the other rooms. In closing, Shawn and I absolutely love our new home and are so thankful that it is only 3.5 hours away from Lubbock where all of our friends and family are. We have been on Lubbock overload lately and are looking forward to a small break for a while. Our sweet pups are probably ready for a break too! :) Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years...we sure did! Stay tuned for more!!

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