Monday, March 8, 2010


Meet Boots.
Boots is our sweet Baby's first stuffed animal. Shawn and I were in Dallas a couple of weekends ago and made a trip to Build a Bear! I have to admit that when we walked in I wondered what on earth we were doing there. There was a little birthday party going on and about 10 little girls had their Hello Kitty/Jonas Brother bears ready to stuff/fluff/and dress.

Shawn and I loved the little dogs...since we are dog that's what we chose. Once we got started we began to have some fun with it. We got to choose how fluffy we wanted him, put a heart in him, dress him, name him...the list just goes on! We felt like kids again. It's kind of crazy to think that there is a store dedicated to stuffing/dressing/naming animals.

Anyways, we immediately found some overalls, boots, and a cap...all to cute to pass up. After you pick out all of the goodies for your animal you get to name him! Shawn picked out the name Boots...fitting right? Just look at his cute little cowboy boots :) Once all is said and done, you get a "birth certificate" for your animal.

Boots is patiently waiting for his little buddies arrival...and so are we. We've had to be very careful with Boots and Wes...for those of you who know Wesley...he LOVES his stuffed animals!

Shawn and I had lots of fun at the store and can't wait to see how our little man plays with his Boots. I would highly suggest all of you parents/parents to be making a trip to the Build a Bear store!

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