Thursday, January 27, 2011

Laura is married!

My sweet best friend got married! I was so very honored to take her bridal pictures too! We had a great time driving around Lubbock for seriously about 4 hours taking pictures. I think I took somewhere around 400 pictures and if I posted all of them...well I wouldn't because that would take too long. I have just been dying to share them. Since Mrs. Truelock is now married...I can share them :)
*Side note: Shawn LOVES Laura's new name. Anytime I am talking to her he tells me to tell "Detective Laura Truelock" hello. No, she isn't a detective...but he thinks her name sounds like one.*
Anyways, here are some of my favorite of my beautiful friend Laura Truelock :)

She gives the worlds best laughing pictures. *Oh, and her eyes...they are that blue and gorgeous!*

We had to end the evening with a silhouette shot.

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