Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Deal

I don't know why I called this post "Daily Deal" because I'm not going to start doing daily deals but I just need to share this with everyone!
I found a company called Canvas People. They print out your pictures on canvases. I have had two done and am very impressed with it! The best part about it?? They have deals every now and then where you can get an 8 x 10 canvas for free!! FREE!! FREE!! FREE!! 
Canvases are not cheap! You can't beat that! If you are on Facebook and like them as a friend you can get really great deals! Watch them regularly and they will have extreme discounts on all canvas sizes. We just got one in of Hutch that is a 16 X 20! I love it! I plan on getting more in other sizes to put around it!
Go now and get $25 off and free shipping for Valentines day!!! GO GO GO

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Linz said...

I was going to ask if you got this from Canvas People! Love it! They have great deals!