Thursday, February 3, 2011

9 Months

9 months old! That means that in 3 very short months our little baby will be 1!!! He has his very first ear infection as we speak and it breaks my heart. I had to get him out in the horribly cold weather yesterday to go to the doctor. As much as I hate him feeling bad...I LOVE all the sweet cuddly moments I have gotten from him. I can tell his ear is hurting him a lot during the day and so all he wants is to be held or be sitting right next to me. He has woken up a couple of mornings around 4 but will go back to sleep after about an hour of rocking until 9 or 10. I sure am ready for him to get over this thing.

Since we had to drive an hour to see his doctor I figured I might as well have them take all his measurements for fun. I didn't get all of them but our little man is still a tall string bean. He is 18.7 lbs and 30 inches long! 

At 9 months our boy is:
Crawling, crawling and more crawling
He pulls up on everything and slooooowly takes himself back to the ground *pretty cute*
He just started throwing things that we hand him. Example: we were sitting at the computer and I gave him a marker that I always let him hold on to only to have him lean over and drop it on the floor. So, I picked it up, gave it back to him....and he proceeded to lean over to drop it not just once, twice, or three times but multiple times. After that it became everything I gave him.
He still only says "mama" 
When he wants attention he will ever so slightly bump his head on something and start crying...I've seen it. :) 
The dogs are getting so good with him. Hattie still lets him crawl/pull/love on her, Lola is much better with him, and well Wes is getting there.
He still knows where the dog's water bowl is...and loves it.
He is able to put his basketballs in the hoop of his little toy.
He loves to take blocks out of a bucket and put them back in.
When he makes one of his toys play a song or make a noise he looks around with the biggest smile on his sweet face to see who else hears it.
He is interested in a book until I read the first page...then he's done.
He has 6 sweet little teeth.
He is still on my milk but eats just about anything we give him. Correction...he will try anything we give him. If he doesn't like it he refuses to eat it. I'm still trying to find different big boy meals that he can eat. Any advice is welcomed. 
He loves yogurt, just about all fruit, butternut squash when he is in the mood, sweet potatoes, chicken spaghetti, any kind of rice and much more
He pretty much refuses to eat any pureed food..he likes to chew.
 I made him homemade chicken noodle soup when he started to get sick but he refused to eat Shawn and I did. 
Hmm...I think that's it. Here is our little basketball player!

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