Sunday, June 13, 2010

Future writer??

MMM K. Shawn and I have been in the habit of writing little notes to each other and leaving them somewhere in the house for each other to find for quite a while now. I'll wake up during a midnight feeding and write Shawn's note and leave it in the cabinet with the bowls or glasses or somewhere fun for him to find it. Shawn is pretty creative with where he leaves mine...I often have to jump to get them off of the ceiling... :) Anyways...I woke up the other morning to fix Hutch a bottle and found this little poem sitting with his milk in the refrigerator...

"I love mommy
Yes I do
I love Mommy
How bout you?!
She's da sweetest
dat's da truth
She loves me from my toe to my tooth.
She's so pretty
Hair like silk
Pretty all over

Hutch Irvin Overton

I had no clue our six week old son already knew how to write! I have a few things to teach him...but it was a sweet poem none the less hehe. I knew that this could be a possibility for him considering that Shawn had a poem published and I was on the UIL writing team at Idalou in elementary. :)


The Roberson's said...

That is to sweet!

Nick and Natalie said...

This is the SWEETest thing. Shawn is such a great hubby and I know your a wonderful wife. I can't wait to share pics of her. We will see how good Nick is with the good camera. He is more of a point and shoot kind of guy. ;) I bet They will be great though. So shamrock is right on our way to our house in OK from here. I would love to stop and our little ones meet and us get to catch up. We plan on going back July 9-10th ish. But if those days don't work I know we will be burning up the highway coming a going seeing fam we can another time. Just thought it would be fun. I would love to see you guys and love on mr hutch!