Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two Weeks Old

Hutch is two weeks old today! How?
I was looking back at the pictures from the hospital and it seems so long ago but then again it seems just like yesterday. It's hard to believe that we went through all of that. I can hardly remember some of the things that happened when I look at the pictures. Let me fill you in on what Hutch is up to at two weeks:
1. We tried breast feeding and he was making such wonderful progress and then he showed absolutely NO interest in it. So, I pump and he takes my milk through a bottle. As much as I would like for him to breast feed I'm still happy he is getting my milk with a bottle.
2. We lay him down when we go to bed (around 9-10) and he wakes up every 2-4 hours now. He was waking up more in the beginning but the last few nights it has gotten close to 4 hours. We have an Itzbeen timer...genius invention...set for every three hours to go off and let us know it's time for him to eat. But when it goes off he is sound asleep so we just let him sleep and wake us up when he is ready. Which is normally about 30 minutes after the alarm goes off.
3. He is a fairly quiet baby. When he is hungry or wet he will let out one good cry and then just whimper until we either feed him or change him.
4. He is eating about 3 oz every feeding now. I think this helps at night time!
5. He is a dreamer!! He is constantly making us laugh at his little noises when he sleeps. It is oddly similar to the sounds that Shawn makes when he dreams :)
6. He smiles a lot...not at us obviously...but they are sweet smiles none the less.
7. He is a tooty booty. Sweet thing is gassy but not burpy. It doesn't seem to upset him either...he just lets them rip!
8. He is very alert! It amazes us how he focuses in on us when we talk to him. His sweet little eyes just stare at us and will follow us a little when we move out of his sight.
9. His dark brown hair is not so much anymore. I feel like it gets lighter by the day.
10. He loves any sort of tummy time...on his boppy or on mommy/daddy's chest.
11. OH...he loves bath time! He just lays there without a care in the world.

We had my two week check up appointment yesterday and everything looks to be healing up just the way it should be. Dr. Evering-Sims is simply wonderful and loves our sweet boy.

I feel like I need to mention how wonderful Shawn has been the past two weeks. I don't feel like I gave him much credit when I blogged last. He was the best support team during our delivery and amazed me at how calm he was! He has been a huge help at night too. He had two whole weeks off after Hutch was born. Although he was a little out of it during some of the midnight feedings (don't worry babe...I won't tell your silly stories on here) he was a huge help.

Last night was my first night to do it all on my own. I wanted to make sure that Shawn got plenty of rest for his first day back to work. I have to say that it wasn't all that bad either. Hutch of right now... a very easy baby to take care of.

He makes my heart sing :)...we danced and sang together this morning while his bottle was warming...I think he liked it :)

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