Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lions, Tigers and a BIG baby boy...OH MY!

Well, I'll keep this short and simple since the majority of my posts are long. Plus I'm just so excited and overwhelmed with today that I don't feel like sitting here telling the ENTIRE story. So, enjoy the cliff notes.

My mom and I went to my doctors appointment today expecting just my usual exam, but to our surprise we got to have a sweet little ultrasound! *Yes, Shawn was very upset that he missed this one, but no one knew we were going to have it.

Well, before the ultrasound began I had my usual exam to see if I have dilated....I'M AT A ONE! WHOOOO. haha As most of you sweet readers know I have been having contractions for quite a while now and have been on medicine to stop those...they haven't stopped. I haven't even really noticed them dying down either except in the mornings...I don't seem to have as many. BUT this morning, of all mornings, I had one after another while I'm having my ultrasound. My doctor didn't like that much.

Here's how our "little" man is measuring:
Head: 40-41 weeks!!!...I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow!
Body and everything else: 38-39
Weight: 8 pounds 1 ounce!!!!!

The doctor jokingly asked "And we have your due date set for the middle of May??" and I said "Yes, will we even make it to May?" and she sat there for a second...kind of giggled and said, "In my most honest opinion...no. I'll be happy if you make it to 37 weeks."

SO, she put me back on that HORRIBLE medicine that I was on a few weeks ago to try and stop these contractions and see if we can make it ONE more week. She wants to see me back on Friday to see if I have progressed any. Honestly, I hope I have :) I'm SOOO very ready to meet "My little giant" as the doctor called him.

Of course, I want what is best for our son and I want him to come on God's timing...after all He knows best! I still don't think I have wrapped my brain around all of this news...Are we really having a baby?? And so soon???

Here are a few pictures that we have taken lately.
35 Weeks!
New counter tops!
My new BIG sink... Inspired by Eric and Halie Overton :)
I have before pictures of the front of the house, but I don't have any pictures after Shawn, my dad and Dwight got done pruning and planting flowers. I'll put those up soon!

My sister and sweet nephew visited this past weekend. Lola found a new best friend. She LOVED Brenden as you can see and wouldn't leave him alone. She was such a trooper...putting up with lots of hits and pulls on her sweet face. The big dogs still don't know what to think of Brenden...hopefully seeing our little one grow will help with that.

My mom and I have been working hard to get everything cleaned and organized this week. We got our glider today and put together!! I'm putting Shawn on hanging duties tonight in the nursery...I'll post some final pictures of that soon too.

Stay tuned for updates! We could have a sweet baby within the next couple of weeks!!


The Roberson's said...

I am really ready to see that sweet boy! I love you!

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