Friday, August 22, 2008

Texas Bound!!

That's right!! We are moving back to Texas! Shawn was offered a job in Plainview that we just couldn't pass up. It might not be Lubbock but we certainly are not going to complain. We asked God to provide us with an opportunity to get back home and that is exactly what He did. Friends, the power of prayer is so amazing. Whenever you have a fear or a concern just lay it all out to God and He WILL listen. He will eventually provide for you in ways that you never imagined. Shawn and I have been so blessed in our marriage so far. When we have a worry or fear we pray and ask God to be the third person in our marriage so that we can have His help in all that we do. We have never been let down. We would like to thank all of you who kept us in your prayers. They were certainly felt.

**I wish that I could keep going with all of the news with Shawn and I but I got a call today from a friend of mine informing me on the death of one of my friends from junior high. Needless to say my mind is a little blocked. Latosha Murray was a dear friend of mine back when I went to Idalou; although I haven't talked to her since High School, I am still haunted by this news. She had a young daughter I believe to be around the age of 3. I can't help but think about the fact that this sweet and innocent girl will no longer get to see her mommy. There has been an account set up for her daughter, Avery, at City Bank and I encourage you to donate what you can to help her family...even though you may not know her. This is such a tragic thing and I wish that there was more that I could. As of right now all I feel that I can do is pray. I ask you, too, to take the time to say a little prayer for Latosha's mom, dad, and daughter.**

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