Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Arkansas Adventure Begins...Sorda

Well here we are!! Sorry this has taken so long for all of you who have been waiting on it! A lot has been going on, so Shawn and I thought that now would be a great time to start up our blog. Where to begin...I could start back in January of this year when Shawn moved to Arkansas and I stayed back in Texas to finish school, but that seems so long ago and I really don't want to think back on that. How about the good news!! We made it!! 5 months apart from each other and we had only been married for 6 months! Fortunately for us the time flew by and the next thing you know we are back in Lubbock this past weekend for my COLLEGE graduation.

Let me tell you, that is such a sense of accomplishment! I am so proud of both myself and my sweet husband for sticking through the hard times and getting our degrees. It has already paid off. Although, being in the "real world" is not what we expected. We thought that we wanted to get out of Lubbock and move away so that we can finally do things our way. We thought that it would all be so easy; that Shawn's job would be what we had been waiting for and that I would find a great job as well. Well, a month after I got here we had a change of heart. We began to realize who and what we had back home. Our friends and family all of the sudden meant so much more to us. I feel awful saying that...but you truly do not realize how much your loved ones mean to you until you are away from them. This was really tough on both of us seeing that neither of us had ever lived outside of Lubbock...well Texas for that matter.

We began to pray that God would somehow lead us back to the place that we loved. We honestly didn't care how we got there...we just wanted to get back. Well much to our surprise God had a great opportunity lined up for Shawn this past weekend while we were in Lubbock. Shawn had an interview that sounds extremely promising. But almost to good to be true. Could we get back to Lubbock so quickly?? We sure hope so! We won't hear back from this company for about another week. This is where you...yes into our story. We KNOW that you guys want us back just as much as we want to get back...haha just kidding. But seriously, this is a very confusing time for us and we would appreciate it if you guys kept us in your prayers.

I have a lot more that I can say...but I'm going to make you wait for another post. This one is long enough. We hope you guys enjoyed our very first blog and I (Jamie) promise to keep it updated as much as I possibly can. I will also keep you updated on our journey back home.

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